Train students to possess core visual communications domain with this design technique. Systematize development and application of digital media design, as a result, explore spatial, advertising, packaging, editing and exhibition technology discern system, etc. Cultivate printing, photography, audio-visual, and computer technology like media design that use the latest techno method. Systematize various media materials and related applications. In accordance with teaching principles, strengthen teachers striding domain design through means of theories and practices to attain creative ability. Vigorous guidance, license inspection, competition, graduation special opening, exhibition and internship to raise design practical ability. Operate theories and practices hand-in-hand, various technological and human accomplishments are locally and internationally acknowledged. This establishes the strength of students to obtain future employment.

The MSc in Accounting and Finance is especially useful for those graduates with work experience in accounting looking to gain essential practical skills in finance - and, of course, vice versa.



Graduates of this major, by way of various education advancement channels, may enter visual communications graduate applied arts, advertising and communications, and digital media design like domain and continue to pursue graduate in design related businesses.