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Globalization in recent years has significantly affected the world, remarkably in an economic aspect. Taiwan’s economic development is closely linked with the global free trade and is guaranteed only through active participation in this global common market. Students of Business school are instructed the importance of as much economic globalization as national economy. In fact, the gains and losses of any economy-related issues are fully discussed in class. Students of Business School will be equipped with professional knowledge, practical skills, and business ethics.


The College of Business is composed of four departments: the Department of International Business, the Department of Public Finance, the Department of Finance, and the Department of Accounting. In 2007, these four departments were split off from the College of Management to become the Business School.


The Business School has the following features:

  • In addition to academic experience, most faculty members have experience in business practices.
  • Most faculty members have Ph.D.degrees.
  • Seven of the faculty members are CPAs.
  • Students are advised to obtain the relevant practitioners’ licenses.
  • In addition to classroom participation, our curriculum is designed to include on-site training in business entities.
  • Special curricula allow students to take courses from various departments of the College of Business in order to develop skills such as management of multi-national corporations, asset management, and business English.


There are four professors, 17 associate professors, 19 assistant professors, and 26 lecturers on our faculty. Most faculty members have previous experiences in business entities.

Each department of the College of Business is equipped with a computer laboratory. Every computer in the labs is installed with software and databanks that provide students all the necessary tools to learn and practice. For example, WorkFlow II ERP, V-Pointing I-Business System, Portfolio Management Simulation System, and E-Education Center, and other software.


There are three areas that the Business School wishes to explore in the near future:

  • Cross-Strait Business Activities and Research

    Faculty members need to develop their academic expertise in cross-strait research, while students will be provided with more cross-strait business knowledge and skills.

  • The MNC Training Lab

    A training lab will be set up to mimic the employee training center of a multi-national corporation.

  • The FHC Operation and Management Lab

    An operation and management lab of a financial holding corporation will be set up. It will include a banking branch office and a securities house where students can simulate real-world banking and securities transactions.




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