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The College of Management in China University of Technology provides holistic educational programs to train its students both in practical skills and professional expertise. To this end, The College of Management has set its goal to plan a unique curriculum, develop interdisciplinary course modules, and provide a competitive practical training program for the students. The objective is simple: to ensure job opportunities for well-trained graduates in a rapidly changing socio-economic environment.


  • Global Logistics Management Center
  • Graduate School of Logistics Management
  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Marketing and Logistics
  • Department of Leisure and Recreation Management
  • Department of Applied English Studies


  • Cultivation of competitive young professionals in three main service industry-related job markets: International retail, health and leisure management, and technology service.
  • Interdisciplinary course modules: Logistics Management, Business Management, Innovative Marketing, and Portfolio Management.
  • A well-developed mentor counseling system.
  • Certificate map system: Students are informed of when and how to apply for and take tests for professional certificates.
  • Well-equipped classrooms/labs to meet the special needs of certain lecture courses and seminar courses.
  • Solid training in core courses: To ensure quality teaching and effective learning, courses such as Economics and Accounting in different departments are taught under the same syllabus. Midterm and final exams are designed by all the lecturers of these courses.
  • Cooperation with industry professionals: Working closely with industry, the College of Management has developed a dual-track training system which provides courses taught both by lecturers and industry professionals, and sends students for on-the-job practical training.
  • Excellent media/Internet-assisted teaching: To simulate an actual business environment and ensure quality learning, various innovative teaching styles are incorporated into lecture and seminar courses, including in-sync online teaching, VOD teaching/learning platforms, internet-based language training and test taking interfaces, etc.


The College of Management in China University of Technology has a teaching faculty of 87 full-time teachers, including 10 professors, 15 associate professors, 32 assistant professors and 32 instructors.

The Global Logistics Management Center, Graduate School of Logistics Management, and the other four departments share educational resources on an interdisciplinary basis. Other than hardware educational resources, all the members of the College of Management share equal access to software resources as well. These include library holdings, academic journals in online and traditional printed form, as well as other scholarly databases.


The College of Management in China University of Technology trains students to reach their fullest potential so as to prepare them for a highly competitive job market. Graduates will find it easier to gain effective and efficient access to the job market because they have constantly been exposed to a learning environment in college. In addition, they have accumulated a considerable amount of on-the-job working experience in the practical training programs supported by local industry. These all explain why our graduates are far more competitive not only in their professions but also in maintaining good interpersonal relations and fitting into corporate culture.

The Taiwan government has set up incentives for companies in the Two Trillion and Twin Star Industries Development Plan, which will result in many job openings suitable for young professionals trained in management of the technology service industry. Moreover, researches in related fields have brought opportunities for young professionals in Taiwan to gain a foothold in the middle- to high-ranking job market in China. Graduates of the College of Management in China University of Technology will be worthy candidates for these job positions in Mainland China in the future.


The College of Management in China University of Technology has set its path for research in two fields: global logistics management and cultural and creative industry management. Feeling the oressure of globalization, retail businesses, the health and leisure industry, and all the other service industries need a labor force trained in logistics management.

The cultural and creative industry has become the trend of green and eco-friendly industry for generations to come. As a prominent educational institute with a clear vision, the College of Management in China University of Technology has already started developing a curriculum in this promising direction.




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