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In order to create a high quality teaching environment for learning digital technology, the college lays special emphasis on the integration of theory, practice and practical knowledge.

The objective is to cultivate professional engineers with practical computer science skills. That will improve students' competitiveness in the job market.


  • College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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    College Curriculum Committee
    College Faculty Evaluation Committee

  • Departments

    Department of Information Management
    Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
    Department of Computer and Communication Engineering

  • Research Centers

    Information Security Research Center
    RFID Research Center
    Digital Life Technology Research Center
    E-enterprise and IVA Research Center


Information security and digital life technology are the main features of our development. Teaching and research focuses on integrating the resources of individual departments to explore technology in areas such as information security, network management, operating system security, embedded software, speech recognition, and computer-and-communication technology. Student certificates, practical applications, case studies, monograph contests and practical training courses are strategies developed in our college.


The college faculty has 60 full-time members, including 5 professors, 9 associate professor, 28 assistant professors, and 18 lecturers. Our staff has accumulated practical experience in industry, government agencies, and academia. They come from prestigious institutes in Taiwan or abroad and are involved in many research projects and training programs of different industries.


  • To cultivate students to become professionals in the field of information security and digital life technology.
  • The college focuses on the development of practical applications, and emphasizes collaboration with industry. The students' abilities to organize, analyze, and make decisions are promoted through their participation in practical project training.
  • The college conducts industry visits, information technology conferences, and invites scholars and experts to share practical experience as well as the latest information technology.
  • The college strives for internship opportunities for students, so that students can integrate theory and practice by learning about industry characteristics at first hand.




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