Administrative Organizations


Under the instructions of the Office of the President, the school has set up the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Student Affairs, and the Office of General Affairs to be responsible for carrying out educational regulations, supporting teaching and learning related activities, organizing extracurricular activities and complementary facilities, and, last but not least, caring for students' lives on campus. Over the past few years, the administrative offices have laid down these principal objectives:

  • Draw up teaching regulations for every academic discipline in order to improve the contents of teaching and the efficiency of learning.
  • Set up service of a campus-wide e-administrative system for assisting various divisions and offices in processing administrative work.
  • Plan on the teaching and learning-related projects of continuing education, certificate program exams, and professional skills in order to improve practical research among the teaching staff.
  • Lay down objectives for counseling with the ultimate goal of consolidating a humanistic and service-oriented education. Be concerned not only with the cultivation of technical knowledge but also the provision of abundant extracurricular activities and school clubs.
  • Establish a dual-advisor system with two advisors assigned to every single student one responsible for students' life counseling so as to help them adapt better and faster to campus life; the other to be responsible for academic studies, to improve student' academic proficiency.
  • Put down roots in the surrounding community by holding service-oriented activities, implanting our educational philosophy in middle school students, and spreading the cooperative ambiance in the community.
  • Carry out the work of health care and public hygiene by planning PE-related activities and scheduling physical checkups in order to ensure a pleasant learning environment and to maintain good health in every student.


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