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  • School: Planning and Design School
  • Group: Interior & Spatial Design/Construction Engineering & Management/Art & Furniture
  • System: Day Division: 4-year College;Night Division: 4-year College; 2-year Junior College; 2-year College


The teaching goal of Department of Interior Design is to offer fundamental interior design training and to encourage students to discover, analyze, and solve the problems independently. Moreover, the abilities of students to carry out the practical training assignment are emphasized as well.


Department of Interior Design curriculum is to enrich the profession in the practice of Interior Design. The educational community encourages philosophical explorations, ethical responsibility, aesthetic expressions, and practical applications in line with professional standards. The department offers courses in space programming, design theory, interior environment, and professional practice.


At the present, there are eighteen full-time faculty members in our department. Four of them have Ph.D. degrees; five of the other members have been working on their doctorate degrees. All the teachers here possess different specialties. Our department now has six laboratories: Environmental Healthy and Energy Efficiency New Technology Lab, Universal Design and Experiment Lab, Green Material Interior Design and Finish Technology Lab, and Daily Life Digital and Smart Home Technology Lab.


  • To engage in interior design work
  • To engage in interior construction management work
  • To engage in interior computer-aided design and drafting work
  • To engage in interior digital 3-D modeling & visualization work
  • To engage in interior environmental control systems business
  • To engage in professional lighting design work
  • To engage in interior materials business
  • To engage in furniture design & manufacturing work
  • To engage in interior landscape design work
  • To take exams of technical licenses


1. Regarding academic & industry cooperation, the Department emphasizes integration of theory and practice. We lay emphasis on the faculty's international business background and experience, actively interacting with businesses, and placing emphasis on the faculty's capabilities in the profession practice. Whether in the area of curriculum, teaching, research or international cooperation, the Department always values the cooperation, assistance, and support of the private sector.

2. Regarding industry cooperation, it is known that industrial and commercial development in Taiwan area has been prosperous, where government and non-profit organizations are of great numbers. These backgrounds and economic developments in the immediate society are favorable to the Department for the procurement of industry cooperation and in reinforcing our external relations.


The Double Mentor system is employed to promote students' career development. Students receive guidance in preparing for various examinations for professional certifications, and/or licenses, and receive counseling and assistance for advanced study and/or job placement.


Department of Interior Design focuses on professional techniques in the curriculum. The core courses emphases the interior design skills and construction management, which are also designed to cultivate excellent professional talents in the fields of interior design and fine art. The department focuses on interior design skills and academics, utilizes the practical management skills as the fundamental training, and provides three focal areas for developing greater competencies, including interior & spatial design skills, construction engineering & management, and art & furniture. The department aims to stay abreast with the social trend, establish global network, and satisfy people's needs through interior design.


The department reinforces the professional skills and academic performance in interior design, construction engineering & management, and art & furniture. The research and development goals are to match the current development of national policies and local needs. The department has extensive interactions and contacts with the enterprise for expanding student's knowledge, cognition, and perspective in interior design.



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