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  • School :Planning and Design School
  • System: Day Division: 4-year College;Night Division: 4-year College


As we lies at the intersection of culture, technology, and communication, the same point of convergence that is driving the 21st century economy, with the professionals demand of national "digital content" and "cultural creativity" and other key industries, the department of digital multimedia design educate students have capabilities in computer animation create, digital game design and web marketing domain.

This specialized degree program will enable successful graduates to pursue professionals in practice and lead the trends of digital multimedia media production, application, to almost any industry.


The digital multimedia design department prepares students for the careers of the future. An innovative educational experience offered nowhere else, this joint program combines academic courses in the arts and sciences with applied courses in visualization, computing, digital media, animation and design.

And it cultivates a rare combination of skills that employers crave: adaptability, technological savvy, and an ability to shatter boundaries. Within the DMD major, you’ll learn to engage audiences across multiple media, gaining direct experience in areas such as:

  • Computer Animation Creation,
  • Digital Game Development,
  • Web Marketing Integration.


There are seven full-time faculty members in our department. It includes two associate professors, three assistant professors and two lecture tutors. All experienced in practical field, and three of them have Ph.D. degree. All the teachers here possess different specialties that include all specific sub-fields of the digital multimedia study, which contributes considerably to the balanced development of our department.

For teaching and research purposes, our department total has 6 professional classrooms and 2 laboratories. Situated in the Chunchen Building, there comprising 1 Multimedia Computer Classroom (403), 1 Digital Game Design Classroom (504). Besides, we have a multimedia produce and broadcast studio which serve the teaching and research purposes in Hsinchu campus.


The successful graduate will have a solid grasp of all fundamental DMD production principles. Graduates often go on to become leaders and agents of change. With our department as a foundation, you can plan a career in:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • New media
  • E-commerce
  • Web development
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Social science research


The DMD department always values the cooperation, assistance and support with either public or private sectors. Regarding on industry-academy cooperation, we emphasizes the integration of academia theories and practice experiences in crucial digital multimedia field. The department looking forward on the faculty's capabilities in practice, whether in the sphere of curriculum, teaching, research, and offer students opportunities of internship with DMD application almost in any industry.


  • Excellent faculty is continuing in recruitment.
  • Providing a well-rounded education in DMD applicable to almost any industry.
  • Developing the value added application in DMD industry.
  • Exploring the advanced application, production in DMD areas of specialization.
  • Concentrate to upgrading the quality of communication, art and technology for people’s live.


The department focuses on scientific and professional techniques in the curriculum. The core courses put emphasis on digital multimedia design skills and new media industry management, and animation creation, which are also designed to cultivate excellent professional talents in digital multimedia criteria. The department focuses on web, game and animation skills and academic areas, utilizes the practical internship as the fundamental training, and provides three focal areas for developing greater competencies, including computer animation creation, game design development, and web marketing. The department hopes to stay with the social trend, make a good global network, and satisfy people's needs in digital multimedia design.


The department reinforces the professional skills and academic performance in computer animation creation, game design development, and web marketing. The digital multimedia design department also cooperates with the local game industry to match the current development of national policies and local needs. In addition, the department reinforces the connection and cooperation with international game company, develops the innovation design of game, and game art creation in our society. The department has a variety of interactions and contacts with the enterprise for expanding student's knowledge, cognition, and perspective in digital multimedia.



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