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The goal of the department is to provide students with a solid understanding of accounting knowledge, including: (1) the use of information in decision making (2) the nature, design, use and implementation of accounting information systems (AIS) (3) other related knowledge.

Accounting continues to be one of the leading professions worldwide. Moreover, the demand for accountants in public practice,the industry, and the government continues to remain strong. The objective of our program is to prepare students for careers in accounting in the public or private sectors or related professions, such as banking and consulting. Define also facilitates the professional-oriented preparation for graduate programs in accounting, business, or finance.


Apart from the common courses designed by the Ministry of Education, the main contents of our professional courses fall into four major fields: accounting, tax planning, business laws, as well as computer skills. In response to the trend of traditional accounting practice being gradually replaced by the computer system and Internet outsourcing, students are trained to be familiar with using computer hardware and software, the Internet, ERP, information mining and other latest applications of information technologies on accounting.

The principle of our instruction lies in placing equal weight on both theory and practice so as to cultivate students' capability of independent thinking and scheming, and prepare students to become well-rounded accountants. We also adjust our courses to meet contemporary social needs and changes, train students for various professional certification examinations, such as the CPA license, internal auditing license, etc.


The faculty of the Department of Accounting is composed of three associate professors, two assistant professors, and four lecturers, among whom five have obtained PhD. degree and two are in the progress.

Among the faculties in the department, eight professors have professional experiences. More than half are certified either or both public accountants and certified ERP Software Consultant.

Most of the full-time and part-time faculties have professional experiences in Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Management Accounting, Statistics and Information Management. Our department now has two laboratories: intelligence teaching and learning lab, accounting and taxation lab, and one conference room.


  • 1. To engage in public or private accounting firms that render the public and all types of organizations services of audit, tax, and consulting.
  • 2. To engage in financial accounting department of organization.
  • 3. To engage in government organizations.
  • 4. To further their study, receive higher education, and engage in research.


Regarding academic and industry cooperation, the Department emphasizes integration of theory and practice. We lay emphasis on the faculty's international business background and experience, actively interacting with businesses, and placing emphasis on the faculty's capabilities in practice. Whether in the realm of curriculum, teaching, research or international cooperation, the department always values the cooperation, assistance and support of the private sector.

The Industry-Academy cooperation was established with the hopes of applying the professional knowledge and skill to the real world, which helps lecturers integrate their professional skill with the practical world, and enabling the demands and experiences of businesses to become the motivation of teaching and the source of development, and resulting an ideal interaction between university education and community, improving the quality of “Education For All”.

Professional Practicum provides the internship opportunities in businesses for students to hone their ability as well as the in addition to strengthening cognition of future job and practical techniques.


We place emphasis on counseling students’career planning. Our teachers not only teach students professional knowledge, but counsel them on completing career planning. The aim of our department is to cultivate employees who are capable of handling enterprise accounting and information management, and have the training of operation strategy analysis and system audit, in order to be able to adapt to the changing operational environment. The aim of our graduate school is to develop interdisciplinary research in accounting and information.


Students are led by lecturers to visit and interact with local business managers. This opportunity allows them to actually understand the operations as well as the management philosophy, helping them enlarge their scope and know the environment of potential future jobs.


Among faculties in the department, nine professors have professional experiences. More than half are certified in either or both public accountants and certified internal auditors in domestic and/or overseas. Most of the faculty have professional experiences in Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Finance, Government Accounting, Management and Information Management. The department has a variety of interactions and contacts with the enterprise for define student's knowledge, cognition, and perspective in accounting.



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