Department of Computer and communication engineering
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This school represents the dynamic combination of four departments and two graduate school programs to develop a unique program of training. By choosing their own classes, students are able to realize their own integration made possible by the inter-disciplinary nature of this program. Combined with emphasis on the concept of sustainable development, our program elevates the students' capabilities in environmental planning design, esthetics, development, and management.



This school cultivates skilled professionals through the provision of courses relevant to program and design that expand the students' knowledge and provide them with a solid basis in technical skills. The Planning and Design School combines top level facilities, equipment, with abundant academic resources, not only to create an ideal learning and research environment, but also to allow each department to develop its own unique direction. Professional teams focusing on education, research, and services have been organized within the college in order to facilitate the formation of contacts and cooperation with industry. Research centers have also been established to provide further services to industry as well.