University Visions

To nurture talents with professional skills integrated with knowledge of liberal arts.
To be known as the best consultants for industry solutions to pragmatic issues.
To be known as the best promoter for lifelong learning partners.
To be known as an outstanding and famous technological university of excellence and unique features.
Planning and Design College

We provide students with professional and practical knowledge of environmental planning design, esthetics, e-technology, and management. In order to meet the demands of a competitive job market, we strengthen students' grounding in liberal arts as well as their teamwork spirit and communicative skills.

Business College

We prepare our students by equipping them with business expertise, practical skills, a global perspective, and an entrepreneurial ethics framework. Students may achieve their goals through training, study, international exchange, and collaboration with local industry involving every member of our faculty

Management College

We aim to become a first-rate school of management in Taiwan. Abiding by the principles of humanism and service, with a view to ensuring employability for all graduates, we make full use of our resources in education, research and cooperation with industry. Our school cultivates management specialists who are equipped with expertise, practical ability, an international perspective and high ethical standards.

Computer Science College

We prepare our students by cultivating them to become professionals in the field of information security, digital life technology and related information technology. Students may achieve their goals through practical training, hands-on practice, and collaboration with local industry.