President Yen-po Tang

Dr. Yen-po Tang is the tenth and current President of China University of Technology.
Aiming to cultivate the founding spirit of CUTe (China University of Technology)—“Generosity, Honesty, Integrity, and Courage,” President Tang is committed to bringing out the best of the school. With an emphasis on keeping a delicate balance between theoretical and practical knowledge and on fostering ethical and moral conduct in students' perception, the university under his leadership is determined to become a technological university characterized by its professionalism, innovation, and excellence.


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Education Objectives:

China University of Technology has grown into one of the nation's leading institutions of higher education by pursuing the goals of greater significance in achieving "distinguished teaching," "innovative research" and delivering "excellent services" for higher education. With a strong commitment, we are dedicated to strengthening “whole-person education, enhancing quality and rigor in academic research, and providing professional administrative services. Guided by enthusiasm and inspiration, we actively implement character education and develop professional skills to strive for excellence.